BPO: Business Process Outsourcing

BPO: Business Process Outsourcing

Agekke EOR Solutions – 2024
BPO is the transfer of a function to a provider company that organizes the business processes and assumes full responsibility for delivering the desired result.

What BPO is comprised of (Provider does the following):

  • provides its own human resources
  • sets up project infrastructure
  • designates and assigns a Project Manager (who can be placed on-site)
  • keeps track of project progress and delivers timely reports

Functions that can be outsourced:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • HR
  • Administration

Why choose AGEKKE:

  • Possibility to save aggregate costs, incl. hiring, training, replacement, expense for personnel administration
  • Rigorous quality assurance as part of Agekke Compliance Program
  • Proven track record and industry insight obtained through cooperation with Japanese majors
  • Possibility to be rid of auxiliary functions while getting top-notch service
  • Reliability and transparency based on open-book calculations
  • Payment for SLA-based measurable result


I. A Head of Representative Office of a small foreign organization (15 employees only) was looking for an Office Administrator but had no approved headcount for it. Our solution has made it possible for the Customer to define administrative tasks to be handled, KPI whereby to control the solution efficacy and the reporting system to keep track of the service delivery. Without having to hire a competent person full-time, the Customer actually saved costs and is very happy about the arrangement.

II. A large multinational company has met with unexpected rise in demand for its products off the season peaks. A decision to raise production volumes and introduce a second shift was speedily made. However, the demand being volatile in nature, offering employment contracts (even temporary) seemed a risky step to company’s management. Our solution has made it possible to launch the second shift in just over one week and not assume any inherent risks. The Customer pays for measurable result, and is fully aware of our solution’s advantages.

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