Outplacement and Career Consulting

Outplacement and Career Consulting

This service refers to a support program to employees who face redundancy. It has distinctive merits to both employer and employee alike.

Merits to employer:

  • saving on re-hiring
  • saving on training
  • no revenue losses through new hire integration 

Merits to employee:

I. Receiving expert advice of seasoned professionals on how to:

  • Create a CV with distinction (advantage over fellow job applicants)
  • Assess and address the situation on the labor market within specific industry / functional specialization (knowing your “fair price” and competition makes for another advantage among job seekers)
  • Conduct a job search project (action plan, keeping track of job applications, job selection matrix, how to work with job search sites and how to network your way to a hiring manager)
  • How to pass an interview and make a favorable impression
  • Helping find a job with our current pool of customers
  • Establish connections with hiring managers

II. Increased chances of finding a good job within reasonable time.

III. Psychological support in difficult life circumstances.

Statistical data vary but suggest that ~8% of reduced employees return to their former employers if terminated correctly. If the employer went beyond what is required by the labor legislation and provided  either an extra compensation or outplacement help, 23% of reduced employees return.

Outplacement  / Career Consulting can be delivered individually or as a group session. If the latter is used, the group must be comprised of professionals possessing the same or similar functional expertise, i.e. lawyers with lawyers, accountants with accountants, KAMs with KAMs. The group must not exceed 10 participants in one session.

Our fees:

Outplacement  / Career Consulting is a program comprised of a number of options. We can help you configure the best solution to match your expectations and budget.

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