Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing

Agekke Recruitment Expertise – Overview 2024

It long since ceased to be enough to have an idea about who you want to find. It’s paramount to know the difference between a need-to-have and a nice-to-have in regard to your candidate’s qualifications, so you are not put to unnecessary expense.

Accurate planning and a structured approach to hiring will assure that your chosen candidate possesses an adequate motivation, and in consequence, a higher productivity and a longer tenure.

If you:

  1. have seemingly unfillable vacancies (open over 6 months)
  2. have had your job offers turned down more than once by the candidates you wished to employ
  3. are not sure what salary is fair for the specialist you seek
  4. see your best employees quit earlier than you expect
  5. need to keep an eye on how your competitors fare in terms of talent management
  6. are tired of having your HR agents change too often
  7. are interested to know the latest labor market trends

Then Agekke is your natural choice!

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