Salary Survey / Market mapping

Salary Survey / Market mapping

We do it so our Customers benefit to the fullest. How?

I. Methodology. We start by formulating the objectives that a Customer needs to get achieved. To obtain valuable information on compensation levels in rival companies, C&B package, annual bonus levels, indexation and revisions and many more. Getting the information you need will help you devise better retention policies, lower attrition rates and eventually save on replacement costs. You state an objective, we suggest a solution. It’s more than a survey, it’s market intelligence.

II. More than figures. Our consultants go beyond collecting and arranging figures, they correlate them against current vacancies on the market. It means we know that a salary of the office manager from a medium-sized company will be markedly different from the office manager from an organization with 1000+ FTEs.  Realizing this, we’ll limit the respondents’ number to those coming from the organizations of comparable size. We care not only about accuracy, but applicability and usability of the data we provide.

How will the report actually look?

Please leave your request here, and we’ll be sure to respond in the shortest possible time. You will receive a template in your language which can be modified according to your specific needs.

What if we only plan to hire a few persons to positions new to our organizational chart?

We can be of assistance as well. We update a salary survey on 200 most wanted positions on a semi-annual basis. The comprehensive list is available on request.

Is there any point in placing such order with Agekke, if we use surveys by EY, PwC, Hay Group?

If your best performing employees still leave or you are unable to headhunt professionals from competitor organizations, then there’s a point in considering it. Our surveys are supplemented by advisory notes which help construe the data. The data are ready-to-use by your talent acquisition team.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of positions to be surveyed and survey depth. Please leave your request here →, and we’ll be sure to respond in the shortest possible time. We’ll be delighted to welcome you among our Customers.