Temporary personnel provision / outstaffing

Temporary personnel provision / outstaffing

Provision of personnel for temporary  assignments is in demand during peaks in production cycles, to alleviate increase in workload for incumbent employees or to replace a temporarily absent employee. Temporary assignments can last from 3 days to 9 months (in accordance with Federal Law FZ-116).

Temporary personnel can help in:

  • the case when you are establishing a legal entity in Russia (with no opportunity to offer direct employment in the interim)
  • any project-based works for a definite period of time (launch of new products, event organization etc)
  • exhibition activities, delegation visit support etc
  • fluctuations in staff numbers in production and warehousing (seasonal peaks, workload allocation imbalance, new product launches, equipment installation, construction works)
  • temporary replacement of a staff employee (vacation, prolonged sick leave, maternity leave, prolonged business trips etc )
  • appraisal of a new hire before a permanent employment contract is signed

Agekke experts possess necessary experience and knowledge to  deliver tailor-made solutions to match any needs and requirements  of a Customer in regard to temporary projects.

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