Outsourcing HR Administration

Outsourcing HR Administration

Outsourcing your HR records keeping to a specialized provider is:

  • Ideal for small enterprises (up to 50 employees)
  • Optimal for medium-sized companies (up to 200 employees)
  • Rational for larger organization (up to 1500 employees)


Why choose Agekke:

Save on

Labor Costs  – a competent HR administrator is costly (incl. taxes and benefits)

Inventories –  work station, PC, consumables

Time to find and train an HR administrator

Protect your interests

in labor disputes

during State Labor Inspection сhecks

with 24/7 support (no vacations, sick leaves or sudden resignations )

100% guarantee

Correctness of our recommendations

Compliance with current labor legislation

Confidentiality of client information


Our expert in your office (implant)

Remote information exchange

Adaptable pricing options


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