Specialty № 1:

Asia Pacific markets, interpreters and specialists with occidental languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc)

Our team consists of consultants who speak Russian and Japanese as native tongues. Our experience makes us a unique advisory firm to handle Customers’ assignments in Korea and China as well, enabling us to daily communicate with colleagues who speak Korean and Chinese as mother tongues. Agekke Russia is a Japan Business Club member in Russia, we are a single 100% Japanese owned consultancy on the Russian market, thus well positioned to wield and expand the most comprehensive database of Japanese, Korean and Chinese speakers (both Russian citizens and naturalized foreigners alike) in Russia.

Specialty № 2:

Permanent staffing in industries:

  • real estate and construction
  • automotive and parts production
  • FMCG
  • B2B solutions
  • sports events
  • banking
  • life sciences, pharmaceuticals
  • international trading

Specialty № 3:

Business Process Outsourcing

(industrial production, administrative services)

From shifts organization to integrating processes into a Customer’s Quality Management systems with SLA-fixed terms, let us help you reduce redundant personnel-related costs and inherent legal risks.